How You Can Find Peace in Letting Go

My instructor and I scootch closer to the roll-away door in the side of the plane at 12000 feet. Inching toward the jump deck beside me is my first born little boy—now 6’4” and, as of this day, graduated from high school. The sound of the single engine roars and communication is reduced to grins and wide-eyed expressions of, “Actually? Really? We’re going to do this?”

We exchange a final high five, fist bump, and hang loose sign, as was the custom among the professional jumpers on board, and he kneels before the gateway of gravity, ready to launch. (more…)

Would You Know if You Were Driven By Legalism?

In my first few years as a follower of Christ (in my early 20’s), I felt confused by legalism. I desired to obey God but didn’t want to be trapped by unnecessary rule-keeping . I heard believers proclaim that obedience expressed love toward God, but I also observed those who wanted to justify dishonesty or indulgence say, “Well, there is no need to be legalistic.”  (more…)