Hey friend, I’m glad to meet you here. Let me introduce myself.

My hair is messy, my house too dusty, and I’m usually running late.  I’m more mad scientist than polished professional, despite good intentions to get my act together.  

I’m a bit of a hack who gets excited about new ideas, rarely has balance, and enjoys pushing limits.  I love intensity and adventure.  I value authentic interaction, but am terrible at small talk which makes for many awkward moments.

My husband, Greg, keeps me honest and makes me laugh.  We’ve been married since our early 20’s, and have raised three awesome kids together.  Our family gets excited about God, sports, travel, and spontaneous shenanigans like playing baseball in the kitchen with a raisin and a broken piece of crown moulding.

When I’m not being a responsible grown up, I escape to the incredible mountains that surround my home in the Fraser Valley, BC.  Time spent in nature infuses me with lightness of heart and inspiration.  I also enjoy cycling, boating, music, and hanging out with friends.

Early in my Christian life, despair and defeat taught me the futility of relying on my strength. Since then, through God’s mercy and grace, I’ve experienced the impact of His transforming power.  This has planted a tenacious desire in me to live as though I’m free indeed, and experience the abundance Christ promised in John 10:10.

Gifted with a life I don’t deserve, my passion is to point others to Christ so they, too, can be healed, victorious, and enjoy full life in His power and for His glory.

By profession, I am a clinical counsellor, ministry leader, coach and writer.

I look forward to interacting with you through your comments. God’s ministry is beautiful, and I can’t wait to witness His work in your life. I am rooting for you and for your freedom in Christ.