Day 1: There is No One Like You

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Day 2

More Precious Than Gold

Key Verse

1 Peter 1:7 GWT: “The purpose of these troubles is to test your faith as fire tests how genuine gold is. Your faith is more precious than gold, and by passing the test, it gives praise, glory, and honor to God.”

Faith More Precious Gold

By the world’s standards gold is a precious commodity. Dense, soft, and malleable, the element is bright yellow and remains untarnished when exposed to air or water. Gold is a transition metal that can be forged.A single ounce can be hammered into a sheet that covers a five-square meter area. Intense treatments occurto remove imperfections, and to increase purity.

In the Bible, faith is said to be more precious than this metal, yet similarly tested by fire and pressure. Like gold, the value of our faith is determined by purity. Thus, we are subjected to extreme heat, hammered, reshaped, and exposed to harsh elements to burn off the imperfections and up the immaculacy of our faith.

Benefits of Faith

Let’s take a closer look at the context for the key scripture today.

Read 1 Peter 1:3-9 NIV, then fill in the blanks and answer the following questions.

In God’s great mercy He has given us ________________________ (vs 3) into:
– living
________________________ (vs 3) through Jesus’ resurrection

– and an ________________________ (vs 4) that will never perish, spoil, or fade
What is the benefit of faith while we wait for the last times? (vs 5)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How are we to emotionally respond to these truths? (vs 6)


What is the outcome of belief in Jesus even though we do not see Him now? (vs 8)


What is the promised result of your faith? (vs 9)

Day 2 More Precious Than GoldTake a moment to reflect on what these truths mean for you personally. I welcome you to pray

along with me below to help you get started.

Let’s pray about this.

God, in Your great mercy You have given me new life. I have been born into hope through Your resurrection, and into a new inheritance that awaits me in heaven. I place my faith in You and Your promises for my future and while I wait for that time to come, I trust I am shielded by Your power moment by moment. Even though I do not see You now, I am filled with joy as I stand confident in Your salvation of my soul.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Though now at times, a great chasm seems to exist between the promises that bring rejoicing and the impact of the though now in verse 6. Read 1 Peter 1:6-7 again. “We rejoice, though now for a little while you may have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.” This though now is a big deal!

Belief in the significance of God’s resurrection and the surety of our inheritance is magnificent, but if those truths do not impact how we trust God in the struggles of the though now, we will falter in faith. What we believe about God must penetrate into how we cope, who we turn to, and where we find strength in the trials until then.

In verse 7, we are told the trials we face in the meantime are put before us as what?

a. torture
b. punishment

c. excuses
d. tests
e. pleasure

To face these tests causes strain. It often doesn’t seem fair and right. We have these incredible truths—we are made new, that we can trust in God’s power, and perfection awaits us in heaven—yet we endure lives that arepainful and flat-out tragic at times. This can leave us wondering where God is in the midst of all the difficulty.



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