Discipleship coaching is designed to equip and encourage you to follow Christ with passion and vitality.

If you struggle in your relationship with God, or long to grow deeper in your faith, my team and I would be honoured to assist you.

We work via Mercy Seat Ministry to help you integrate the truth found in scripture into your daily life. We will collaborate with you to seek God’s direction, clarify your goals and assist you in reaching them. We will support you, spur you on and provide accountability as you overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

God’s ministry is available to you and powerful for you. Transformation in faith is possible. Freedom and abundant life await.

Discipleship Coaching is available in person, and via video-calls, phone calls, or email. 

Fees for Discipleship Coaching are $60 per hour.  

For further information about Discipleship Coaching, please contact me or check out the Mercy Seat Ministry website.